Living with breast cancer: tips and more

Living with breast cancer: tips and more

From the moment a woman is detected with breast cancer in any of its stages of development, her life seems to turn 180 degrees. Mixed feelings appear such as sadness, fear, despair, anger, which become another barrier against which to fight.

A positive attitude is essential during and after breast cancer treatment, since, once the process is finished, it is common for doctors to make constant appointments to know their progress, see if there are abnormalities or determine if others are required complementary studies. Whatever the case, it is important that any problems or concerns are reported to the doctor. Don't save anything, trust!

Tip 1: Family and friends


Sharing this news with the family is usually a very difficult situation to assimilate and more so when cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage, something that is totally understandable but not acceptable, since communicating it is the best option.

Family is the closest thing we have and it is surely the one who will provide the most help possible, as well as close friends who will serve as a fundamental piece of motivational support.

The wisest advice is that everyone be informed.


Tip 2: Social environment and support

On many occasions it is usually that the affected woman does not want to interact with anyone, indeed, that she does not even want to go out. It is important to avoid falling into depression, otherwise it is necessary to seek psychological help from a professional.

Going to an association of women affected by breast cancer is also an excellent option to avoid feeling alone.


Tip 3: Sexuality

This is an issue that involves precisely the affected woman and her partner.

There are treatments such as chemotherapy that can affect the hormonal level of the patient or, going to the other extreme, surgery that can be even more disturbing for women. It is not easy to deal with these processes yourself, therefore the moral and physical support of the life partner is necessary, share your feelings!

3 basic activities during treatment

1.-Exercise and nutrition

A daily walk of 20 minutes is enough to purify the body, relieve stress and improve mood.

A healthy diet is key to feeling good and energized after treatment.


It is important to take time for yourself, they can be activities outside or inside the house such as: reading a book, writing, taking yoga classes, attending an association with women of similar cases, EVERYTHING COUNTS.


Although it may seem unimportant, the way of dressing greatly influences a person's mood, and more so when he has already undergone surgical treatment. Opting for light blouses and a good quality post-surgical bra is an investment that will not go unnoticed.

Breast cancer is a social problem due to the lack of prevention; Self-explore, check yourself and find out. You are not alone!

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