How to care for and clean your dental splint

How to care for and clean your dental splint

Dental splint

Dental splints are acrylic devices manufactured by the dental technician from acrylic materials and resins.

  Whitening splints keep a whitening agent on the surface of the teeth.

Orthodontic maintenance splints prevent teeth from being treated after orthodontic treatment.

Periodontic splints that prevent tooth movement after periodontal treatments.

Occlusal splint that modifies the patient's occlusion.

Surgical splint that prevents tooth movement after surgical treatment.

Mouth guards that protect the teeth during the practice of certain physical exercises such as rugby, boxing, hockey, basketball, polo, etc.

   It is necessary to maintain a dental splint in good hygienic conditions to avoid the appearance of infections.

How to clean your dental splint:

It is cleaned with a brush that is gently pressed between the different gaps in the splint to avoid leaving marks when pressing. It is placed under the tap so that the dirt is falling on the sink. Small light and circular movements are made, we clean it and it is stored in a case, drying it with a kitchen paper enough so that it does not have remains in the splint or in a small cloth from which no fibers or threads come off that could dirty it. Moisture is a preferred environment for fungi and bacteria.

How to care for and clean your dental splint

Dental splint cleaning.
It can also be cleaned by pouring the prosthesis cleaning tablet over a glass of water and when the effervescence begins, the splint is inserted, which must be left to act for 5 minutes. The splint is removed and cleaned well with a toothbrush on all sides. The brush is wetted and cleaned again. Leftover liquid can be thrown away.

 The cleaner with water and neutral soap offers optimal results, accompanied by effervescent cleaning tablets that do not damage the splint and we must clean the splint before putting it on. Some ingredients like baking soda, lemon and vinegar will help you.

We should not put the splint in the dishwasher and dishwasher because excessive heat damages and deforms them.

 We must do without isotonic drinks, coffee, juices, tea and chocolate milk that stain the splints.

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