Hemorrhoids: when the veins in your rectum become inflamed

Hemorrhoids: when the veins in your rectum become inflamed


Recently a friend from the house, whom we do not see frequently, came to visit us to spend some time in the company of his wife and two minor children. When we saw him, apart from being a little fatter, the good thing about being married, as they say out there, that happiness makes us fat, my friend is identical to the last time we saw him.

The surprise was that my friend had an orange cushion in one of his hands, as if it were the gut of a bicycle and when I asked him what that was, he answered me by approaching my ear that it was for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids What are they.

For those who want to know what hemorrhoids are, we can tell them that they are the inflammation of the veins that are in the anus area and that due to this inflammation they come out through the orifice of the rectum to the outside, which produces a kind of bunch of grapes when they are exaggerated and at other times only part of them stands out.

In some cases when they are severe they require surgical intervention to solve this problem

The truth is that they are annoying and uncomfortable for those who suffer from them, even sometimes they become bloody that at the time of evacuating, the stools rub against them and break leaving them bloody.

Types of hemorrhoids.

There are 4 types of Hemorrhoids, depending on the level of commitment in the region.

Editorial Note. January 2020

We had placed the different explanatory photographs of these 4 types but by communication from Google, they were removed due to complaints from users who found them very strong. We regret this situation but our site may be compromised

Fighting hemorrhoids.

There are several home methods to combat hemorrhoids, which can be used as long as they do not require medical intervention.

It is always important to keep the area as clean as possible, since like any other wound, these are access doors for bacteria and microbes to enter, being able to easily contaminate and producing greater problems, and even more so than at the level of the anus the area it is dark, poorly ventilated, humid and feces pass, a breeding ground for all these germs.

So among some recommendations we can say

  • Take sitz baths with warm-cool water (3-4 a day) for 10-15 minutes.
  • Apply ice to the affected area, to relieve symptoms such as pain, itching and inflammation.
  • Use anti-hemorrhoidal creams, which works as a local pain reliever and improves symptoms immediately.
  • Take some pain relievers by mouth to eliminate pain.
  • Make infusions with plants, such as chamomiles, burdock, calendula and horse chestnut, which promote venous circulation, and take sitz baths with this preparation.
  • Use sanitary napkins, like those used for hemorrhoid babies instead of toilet paper, which hydrate, relieve itching, and prevent possible infections in the area.

So now seeing all these implications that external hemorrhoids can bring in people's lives, when we see someone with an orange rubber gut in their hands, let's understand what they are going through and hope for their speedy recovery.

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