Where do we feel happiness?

Where do we feel happiness?

Did you know that it is possible to know in which part of our body we feel different emotions?
A group of researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Aalto University in Finland carried out an experiment that allows us to know where our emotions are located.

The study was conducted with 700 volunteers from Finland, Taiwan and Sweden, who were shown photographs with diverse facial expressions, emotional videos and provocative stories, all designed to generate a variety of emotions.

After viewing the images, they asked the participants, with the help of computers that showed virtually generated human silhouettes, to locate where on their body they had felt a stimulus and, in addition, to add colors to indicate where the sensation increased or decreased. triggered by emotion in your body.

This is how an Atlas of the Body and Emotions was created, which reflects that, for example, negative emotions such as anger and fear, are located in the upper part of the body - which is directly related to the increase in our breathing. and heart pulse.

An interesting finding from this study is that happiness is the only emotion that we strongly feel throughout the body.

You, where do you perceive that you feel happiness?


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